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By M_P_B (anonymous) | Posted June 16, 2010 at 18:29:47

Tybalt >>> ..."While I meditate on what a --financially damaged mindscape-- might [mean]..."

BTW is this <>


Let me try to explain: Electronic Arts (EA) stocks are currently below its 50-day moving average of $18.0, and projected to decline further confirming the company's downward momentum. EA bought over the company - Mindscape, who are ironically the makers of the games: Law & Order/Criminal Intent, Horse Racing Tycoon and Lego Island!

[i.e "financially damaged mindscape"]- quite literally, where there is criminal intent, horse racing and Lego construction...there is bound to be financial damage!

Only kidding!! but a very interesting fact indeed. :-)

When you have a un-affordable reno job, subterfuge, with a very lego'ish end result --which is being packaged by the media as a major achievement of the person they are jockeying publicly, the issue of the resulting financial damage to the community is bound to creep up, even if the community is trying very hard to forget the whole episode.

Besides, the building knows the horrors it went through, and it does retain in all fairness, its rights to express its bewilderment and slight embarrassment... no?

Now... you are really going to be mad at me for this :-))

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