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By Bill (registered) | Posted June 15, 2010 at 14:15:57

$12.00 per hour jobs. A large section of Hamilton’s population would love to have a job that is higher than minimum wage. They do not have the education or skill sets to do much more. Funny thing is that Mississauga and Oakville are just full of warehouses and they have some of the most expensive housing around here. On poorly paying jobs, these types of lands attract other industries that are looking for large tracks of lands and are high paying. You are stereo typing for your own benefit.

Or an industrial facility around a dying airport? The airport is bomming. Read the 2009 annual report. Did any of you bother and go to the release of the airports annula report? I don’t thinks so. I did. You would not be able to make things up about it and fixaite on one negative item and ignore the rest. You could have asked questions on their findings. You would see that they lost of passengers like everyone else but they where the only airport to see gains in cargo. You would have heard that they go through as much fuel, because of large cargo planes as Halifax and Winnipeg. The airport is bomming.

And guess what. New study out shows the lower polution levels around the Red Hill Expressway since it opened. I guess the expressway supporters where right.

As to the Hamiltonians for Progressive Development, I expect that it will come out one day that they are secretly funded by developers in Halton and Peel to make sure thay Hamilton does not steal away any business from them.

I also expect this post to go white quickly as anyone who decent on the party line is banished from this site. It is not free speech if your voice is silenced. Go ahead and vote your dislike for my sayings, but don’t silence it. I have the right to speak my mind.

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