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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 14, 2010 at 15:55:22

Look at Mississauga's endless office parks in the middle of high-traffic sprawl. Employers don't appear to give two craps about being accessible to their employees... they don't have to pay for commuting costs. - Pxtl

That may be changing and frankly will have to change.

Our governments could also be trying to get businesses to allow more telecommuting, flex shifts, 4 day work weeks, etc…

Why should an employee drive 1+ hours to work to sit in a cubicle answering emails or making phone calls for 8 hours and then drive home? It is asinine. If your employees don't need to be in the office why do they have to be? Besides the "easier to manage" reasons. There are many innovative, simple and effective ideas that we could put in place to help us cope but we don't.

If the different levels of government can tell an individual they can't water their lawn, or idle their car, or throw out more than one bag of garbage, surely they can craft legislation that eliminates or limits the number of useless commutes for purely corporate reasons. We could even consider tax incentives to businesses (but I'd rather beat them with a big stick : ).

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