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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 14, 2010 at 15:38:11

the majority of opposition is from the city themselves. - frank

I'm not sure if it is true opposition or simple confusion. The city doesn't seem to know what it wants to do or be. Are we going to be the best place to raise a child? Not good, not okay... BEST.

To me that doesn't include almost every major street being a truck route and two active steel mills.

The city may have come up with that because it was easy to get everyone to agree with. Who wouldn't agree with the goal of being the best place to raise a child? The problem is does council agree on what that even means. If you are going to have a mission statement it has to be attached to an action plan not just a wish list (e.g., Best place to raise a child). If all they can agree on is the wish list part and not the action plan than the mission statement becomes meaningless and the direction is lost. I believe that's where we are now.

We have a goal but we can't agree on how to get there or may be even where "there" is. I also don't think this city has truly found a leader that can create the necessary environment for the change we need, whether that's through consensus or force (at this point I'll take either as long as the results are good). Mayor Eisenberger has been okay, he's toyed with force (e.g., "full steam ahead") but he hasn't quite got it right yet (maybe another term will help???).

When a bus has no driver the kids will fight in the back while the bus careens of the road.

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