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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted June 14, 2010 at 10:48:13

I'll stop my back-reading at the reference to a crappy team in a crappy sport or however that comment was written. Not worth looking back to quote it properly.

The sport has a storied history, and the team is rebuilding as sports teams have to do at certain points over their existance. This sport/this team, bring this community together in ways not many other things can.

I challenge you to actually attend a game to see this for yourself. It'll be a a good year to be a bandwagoner as rebuilding comes to an end and the product on the field continues to display the results of all the hard work both from the organization, and the owner to revitalize not only our image, but the presence on the field.

And Jason, great piece. I just seen Fenway Park for the first time on New Years, and it sounds like your vision isn't far from what exists in that beautiful area in Boston. I'd like to see a little character go into the new site, and not just a bunch of concrete.

There have been some great discussions about design and location on the forum at, one being the idea of having soccer played at the new stadium instead of track and field, so we can do away with the track design which takes the fans too far away from the field.

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