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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted June 12, 2010 at 16:49:44

Wearing a helmet does not equate to more injuries or more serious injuries.

Except that the wearing of helmets has coincided with the 1) the decline of cycling by the general population (of adults and children) and 2) the increased use of specialist cycling gear. I'm pretty sure that the two things go hand in hand: as cycling becomes a sport requiring special clothing and safety equipment, general-purpose cycling goes down. And as general-purpose cycling goes down, the danger to cyclists goes up.

And if helmets are useful at least some of the time, why not wear them while doing other activities which expose one to the risk of head injury? For example, I've fallen and hit my head while walking twice (having slipped on ice) and I've hit my head against the frame of a car several times. I'm serious: why not wear a helment all the time?

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