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By mikeyj (registered) | Posted June 09, 2010 at 10:49:58

As someone who bikes downtown on the reg, I personally find it impossible not to use the sidewalk a fair share of the time that I'm heading away from the core.

In my case it's mostly because of one-way streets, although bike lanes would help, putting in one-way bike lanes on the existing one-way streets still means going out of my way (and often further uphill) than I need to or have time for, making their benefit alone negligible.

There is a previous article on pedestrians jaywalking that words this perfectly,

"In general, people with a given objective are going to pursue it as directly as they can, and they will act wherever possible to circumvent arbitrary barriers to progress."

Therefore, converting streets to two-way could have equal results in decreasing the amount of bikers on sidewalks. Either that or the installation of two-way bike lanes on one-way streets needs to become a more common practice to really have an effect.

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