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By jason (registered) | Posted June 07, 2010 at 09:07:09

Great recap Ryan. I too hope this can become a more regular occurrence. And think of how much busier it would have been with some proper June weather! I'd love to see this route go from the Gore to the harbour and include a closure of the soon to be revamped York from James to Park with the market perhaps being convinced to open up for these special Sunday events.

I'm going to New York this week and last night decided to check online to see if they had any Summer Streets events planned. Well, to my delight, I hopped online and found that they have dozens and dozens of street closures and events like this all summer. Next week alone while I'm there I counted over 20 street fairs and Summer Streets events listed on their website.

A street like James could easily handle an event like this monthly from May-September. Locke could as well, but so far it has remained a single day, annual event.

Having been in Bogota many years ago and seen the Cyclovia, I never though I'd see one in Hamilton. It was great to experience yesterday.

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