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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted June 02, 2010 at 14:28:33

Wow, that's some EXPENSIVE insurance--I think it's time you look into other companies. I'm paying ~$125/mo to have me and my partner insured on our little car, and it's slowly gotten cheaper over the past 3 years.

But to my point, really interesting numbers there, Ryan. I was curious to see what the situation was like here in Canada, since those are US #s, and I found that the same thing is NOT occurring here. By my best estimates (worked out w/ Excel in an hour at work), it seems as though the number of 16-24 yr olds licensed in all provinces has modestly increased over the period 2003-07 (the only numbers I could easily access from Transport Canada). The increase looks to me to be about an extra 65,000 drivers (about a 2% increase) in that age range over that period of time, while everything I can find on that age subgroup indicates it is decreasing as a portion of the (aging) population. I can't give comparable numbers like the US stats due to the data limitations, sorry.

Either way, obviously our two nations have very different geographies, access to transit, etc. that can account for those differences, and I would agree with most of the posters above who named cost as a prime deterrent (though I think insurance is cheaper in the US). I also wonder what the effect of immigration is, especially on that 21-30 cohort that shows a lower proportion of miles driven--there is a significant portion of the US population that CANNOT get a license because of their "illegal" status, and I imagine those people are more heavily represented in that 21-30 age group.

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