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By Maggie Hughes (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2010 at 10:54:50

Approaching the overall Trucking Business one street at a time is one way to get people involved. Nobody cares unless it affects them. It is the way we have approached our economy, by letting business dictate over the people that has lead us to this point.

I am so tired of hearing the same old slogans that the economy must grow if we are to survive. Bull Crap to that literally. We have this pollution problem from decades of that mind set and who knows what our children will have to face.

If most of us cannot breath today because some Corporation wishes to make a "profit" then I do not hold much hope for the future generations.

Trucking food, and goods was just an idea to make money. Yes it employees people, but people will find other ways to be employed, or as we in Hamilton are finding, other ways to eat.

We are now down to the basics of survival and continuing to operate a society that needs Trucks to cart things around is suicidal. We must learn or re-learn how to live locally. Operate locally. Make what we need, locally.

If you cannot grow your own food, there must be something you are good at. Basic barter and trade is how we started out on this Continent - the New World. Now we are out of space and there isn't any other world to run to.

While the Gulf fills up with Oil, and the entire eco-system is destroyed, we stupidly continue to march around as usual.
How many of you out there will make the big change in your life?
I doubt very few.

There are many of us that have tried to change, but society isn't letting us find a way out. So we must change society. If that means street by street then ok, at least we are slowly doing the right thing.

My fear is we are not changing fast enough, and many of us are locked out of change because we are forced to wait for others to catch up. The sick cannot be expected to lead the change, but they are the result of how we have been doing business. As many of us age, we become sick. That too is a direct result of our polluted society.

So another way to look at the Truck situation is to get out of our cars and feel what it is like to stand on a side walk inches from a Transport. It will affect each and everyone of us eventually. So do you make the change in society now? Or do we wait until we are too ill to make change.

Unless it affects each of us personally - we will not make change.

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