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By jason (registered) | Posted May 31, 2010 at 22:59:45

just received this email update about Dundurn truck route. Great job Jen!

Howdy neighbour!

This email is a quick update on the status of Dundurn St. N. as a truck route.

At the Public Works Committee meeting today, 50 letters were presented and entered into the public record from concerned residents of Strathcona (or parents of children at Strathcona School who live outside the neighbourhood) requesting that Dundurn St. N. be removed from the city's truck route network. This was an absolutely astounding feat--it was incredible to see the thick stack of letters that was handed to each councillor on the committee. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write and for your articulate words.

Five people presented in person on the issue of removing trucks from Dundurn North. You were fantastic! Some children from Strathcona School were featured in a wonderful video made by Kathy Garneau--they spoke about how the trucks on Dundurn affect their lives. It was a beautiful and very moving thing to behold. (Except for the trucks roaring by in every shot. That wasn't beautiful...but it made our point better than words ever could!)

The recommendation that is going forward to the next city council meeting (June 9, 2010) is for Dundurn St. N. to be removed as a truck route for 18 months. All members of the Public Works Committee voted in favour of this recommendation, except Bob Bratina. (Bob was upset that the recommendation going forward kept trucks on downtown streets in Beasley neighbourhood, so he didn't support the motion.)

This is a partial victory, made more sweet only by the fact that, according to our councillor Brian McHattie, bylaw states that once a truck route has been removed it is considered removed permanently until such time as it is officially reinstated. This means that council will have to make a special effort to make Dundurn N. a truck route after the 18 months are up--and I know we are ready to fight if the city were to bother to do this.

Brian feels confident that council will ratify the Public Works decision and we'll see trucks off Dundurn N. I'll let you all know the outcome of the June 9th council meeting, as well as the timeline for implementation.

Until then...keep on truckin' (not!)...

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