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By Raoul D. (anonymous) | Posted May 31, 2010 at 21:08:01

Unfortunately, Brutalism as a design style had been discredited by the time Hamilton got around to employing the Architectural firm that suggested it. Our general ignorance of such trends allowed construction to go forward on what has to be the most people-unfriendly buildings ever designed. The lack of a "face" on either the Convention Center, Art Gallery or Hamilton Place, has discouraged use by the very people it needs to survive. The anti-luxury interiors extend the theme and make for a very barren and uninviting performance and gathering space. They are catastrophically ugly and cheap. Judging by the crumbling exterior, leaking roofs, windows and doorways, heaving floors from frozen plumbing and general shabbiness of the interior, your comment that they were built to last is receiving a stress test. I personally hope they fall down. Perhaps a real Theatre would arise from the rubble.

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