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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted May 27, 2010 at 16:22:13

I've made lengthy comments before about the purpose of a truck route master plan, and how the current truck route master plan fails for being overly inclusive. Nearly every major street, both above and below the mountain, are listed. The truck route master plan should be aiming to funnel truck traffic onto certain "preferred routes" only permitting trucks to deviate from those routes to make their final deliveries. Having an overly inclusive truck route only gives them free reign over the city.

Concession street is my personal top candidate for removal from the truck route. It's two lanes for most of the street, has on street parking in some cases on both sides, is supposed to be a "shopping district" and has an public elementary school on the street. It is congested enough without permitting truckers to use it as a highway. There is no good reason it should be on the list.

The same is sadly true of about half the streets listed. We're just giving truckers a carte blanche to take any road they want. Let's have our truck route plan mean something and actually have some meat to it.

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