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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted May 20, 2010 at 23:32:34

A Smith: You misunderstood what I meant and that probably was not the best word to use. I was talking to one young mother and they have been slowly working on an education one course at a time, working when they can at low wage job to try and provide for her children. This person was split on guaranteed income, she was more concerned about access to daycare, transportation, to possibly have the ability to take her children out to a movie once in while, to be able to provide her children with small extras like a school trip or pizza day, to have the ability to buy fresh food, instead of relying on the food banks, to put her children into recreational events, like baseball, you get my drift.

There are lots of social agencies out there but maybe the question to ask is, how affective are they really and how much dollars are spent on programs that lead people to no where. Remember that there is a poverty industry in place, where most the dollars go and very little trickles down to the actual people it is meant to help.

If there is to be change, we have to listen to the people who live in poverty and to hear what they actually need, opposed to listening to some agency people telling the rest of community what they think people need. Does that make sense.

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