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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 18:43:46

If we take the following statements as a starter..
"This restricted housing options for people with low incomes and high needs in neighbourhoods that were already struggling. Suburban growth pressure was not unique to Hamilton, but it had more devastating results here than in more progressive cities that avoided segregating the poor."

"Good paying jobs don't come from bailouts. They come from start-ups. And where do start-ups come from? They come from smart, creative, inspired risk takers. How do we get more of those? There are only two ways: grow more by improving our schools or import more by recruiting talented immigrants."

Poverty is a a problem that resonates with the three levels of government.This epidemic is not isolated to Hamilton, though this City has a higher rate. However, all levels of government function based on a reactionary methodology regards to the issue of poverty. Now when we address this issue it almost overwhelming. At the same time when the auto industry was crumbling such brought the attention of all governments. What is factual is the industries like the auto sector created their own mess, where as the majority of poor have inherited their situation and are in no position the leverage any position in the political arena and when they do, it seems the attention that it gets is nothing more than a burp in the scheme of everything else; much of the issues are over ridden with political phrases like, "the best place in Canada to raise a child" that has created a sad illusion.

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