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By Mr. Absurd (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 15:35:56

Yep, a lot to be done. Not sure how much of it will be done talking to the Conference Board of Canada, but that's good for a chuckle too.

Labour legislation that raises minimum wage and blocks the loop holes that exploit part-time and contract work would be a start.

Portland looks like a very good place to live, if you can afford it. It appears you must at least have sufficient savings to live on while you do your entrepreneurial start-up. If not, you end up some place like Atlanta where the livin' ain't easy but you can hang in working a few hours at The Wally.

Hamilton has built a community where people may not want to live, but must to access the services and cheap rents required when living in poverty. Entrepreneurialism such as at The Pearl Company is often stifled because, by definition, it does not follow the rules. Government had the opportunity to support more affordable housing in the former Cannot Hotel, but political pressure helped kill that, and make the building the fine institution it is today.

But another speech to the conference board ought to fix that all up. Not to mention a few columns of finger-wagging on RTH. That and a new arena that will break up a residential community and not function for its primary tenant.

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