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By Copenhagen (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 11:33:50

Just to correct the record, there is one operational velodrome in Copenhagen.

That velodrome is in Ballerup.
Ballerup is a small suburb, northwest of Copenhagen, about 15km from the city centre.

Ballerup is no where near the waterfront.

It would have been nice if Ryan corrected this error when he was confronted with the facts.

I also note that as a moderator, Ryan has no problem with allowing personal and baseless attacks being leveled against the National Cycling Centre Hamilton and Andrew Iler, but when Jason is challenged with written statements he has made on the subject of there being no safe way to cycle to the harbour, that this is considered a "vituperative" attack.

So we have misinformation about velodrome locations in Denmark standing uncorrected and an impartial moderator allowing unchecked attacks against one viewpoint and censure against fair comment.

How can any of this considered an important and legitimate forum for discussion on important issues?

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