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By frank (registered) | Posted May 19, 2010 at 11:15:07

Young was quoted as saying

"If the building doesn't work for us as prospective tenant ... it's up to the landlord to figure out how to fix the problem."

Oh I dunno, how about finding another tenant? Or how about this - if the Cats want to stay in Hamilton so badly as he says they do they find a way to make a stadium in Hamilton work, regardless of where it's put??? Major tenant or not, the Cats are subsidized at 1.3 million so how is them being the tenant a benefit to the landlord? MAKE money, then maybe the tail has a point in trying to wag the dog!

Also, here's a doozie: "'The location should be a secondary consideration to the business arrangements,' Young said."

Really?? Long term viability takes a second seat now? Legacy was the point in the first place right?

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