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By bigguy1231 (registered) | Posted May 14, 2010 at 22:51:08


With tirades like this you will have no chance of ever getting elected to any office let alone the job of Mayor. This is a one newspaper town and whether you like it or not they will make or break your candidacy. To go off on a columnist for that paper for some percieved slight and call the man a racist is only asking for trouble. You might as well withdraw now. They will attack you every chance they get now or even worse they won't mention you at all.

You might want to set your sights a bit lower. Maybe run for council. It's much easier to campaign in a ward of 50 thousand than it would be to run city wide especially with your inexperience in the political arena. A councillor has the same single vote as the mayor. Maybe try running in wards 2 or 3, I hear the local voters aren't very impressed with the representation they are currently getting. Besides that I can't remember a Mayor in my lifetime that didn't first sit on council.

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