Comment 40661

By Cyclotron (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2010 at 10:52:53

Looking at the rationale that many if not most on council employed when bleeding the Future Fund, here's an elegant escape route: The city should remediate the Rheem brownfield to residential quality and tack that premium onto the private sector buy-in for relocation elsewhere. The property will become valuable to private developers such as the Molinaro Group, and the city can steer this into not just a profitable land flip but also high-density mixed-use on the site, a local demographic to support the proposed West Harbour development. North enders will have to bend on north end development. The waterfront is nice enough as it stands but it's not a vibrant, 365-day-a-year waterfront by any means. Used to its full potential, it will inevitably make the neighbourhood a busier place. If that means you can't hear crickets at night or your kids can't play marbles in the middle of the street, maybe that's just part of sharing public lands with the public.

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