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By Vod K. (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2010 at 09:57:12

"Talk of putting a future stadium anywhere outside the downtown is "prehistoric" and "neanderthal" thinking, according to the Hamilton Economic Summit's keynote speaker Storm Cunningham.

That's probably not surprising from an author, consultant and speaker who preaches the gospel of cities containing urban sprawl and revitalizing all that they already have going for them.

"The city is on the right side of the stadium issue," said Cunningham, when asked about the bubbling controversy between the city's desire to build the Pan Am Games stadium along the west harbour and the Ticats' contention that they couldn't make it work for their football operation.

"Building a sprawl stadium would be a huge mistake. It's prehistoric thinking."

He said cities once plunked stadiums down in green space at the edge of cities, which quickly became white elephants."

You know the responses this will get.....

"That may work well for other cities but it would NEVER fly in the Hammer!"
"What does he know- he's not even a Hamiltonian"
"we've been doing it this way for the last 50 years and its served us well

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