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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 11, 2010 at 11:24:51

anon10 wrote:

"Problem is that these roads have already been paid for. Tolls should be on new, not existing roads."

They may not be but they should be...If you consider the amount of taxes that have been collect base on the taxes collect for roads, that is all taxes relates to; auto taxes,fuel federal and provincial our highways could have be paved in gold.

What is rally the boondoggle here is all said taxes flow into the general coffers and governments can claim there is not enough for this or that; at the same time they wast billions on e-health and add another billion the day care, kindergarten when we can't afford it...hand out billions to the automotive sector...while crying they have to increase taxes and add tolls to highways...

With regards to the latter why was the major oil companies at the table for the auto sector bail out; they have made trillions in profits due the the auto sector?
What i find incredulous is that we adhere and submit to the facts that governments have no monies and we are so easily swept into their dragnet and fail to demand accountability.

Moreover a prime example of wasted funds was the building of the 407...including selling it to a foreign country. It seems that governments initiate all things ass backwards; instead od the 407 we already should have a high speed light rail system that by now would have saved billions of tons in pollution including fuel. The facts are the government has all kinds of money...the issue is poor management and our indoctrinated belief that the only means for sustainable change is taxes, and more taxed or tolls and or however you want to label those facts, rather that demanding real financial accountability.

You can vote on this any way you please but if you can leave partisan politics and indoctrination outside of the issue you may see some reality..

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