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By Ivor Whine (anonymous) | Posted May 11, 2010 at 06:07:40

Many onlookers seem taken aback by Bob Young's apparent volte face on the Pan Am Stadium, but it reminded me of another ascerbic comedy (what is it with this city?), Curb Your Enthusiasm. There's a bit in the third season where Larry David addresses "these guys with the caps," hiring a bald chef (speaking of LDs, and not that it's related or anything, but it's funny that Young came on during the DiIanni administration). Maybe file this under "The Big Reveal":

"The bearded bald man annoys me. That's not a proud bald man. That's a bald guy who's trying to enhance. He wants to deflect attention away from the head to the chin. It's subtle, but the message is the same: I'm bald and I don't like it. Most of my contempt, however, is reserved for the bald men who wear the cap. They must be kidding. They walk around with their baseball caps on, hair sticking out in the back, and, yes, they look good. People are always telling bald men how good they look in hats. Of course they do. Why wouldn't they? But what happens when they take that cap off? Have you ever seen the looks on people's faces when the bald man takes the cap off? They're dumbfounded. And the cap will come off. That's a given. Say you meet a woman in the park with your hat on. You walk her home. You call her up for a date -- now what, bald man? Are going to wear the hat on the date? What do you intend to do? You've got a dilemma. You made your first mistake by going out with the hat. You think she's going to like it when you show up at her door with your chrome? What she's going to be is disappointed that you misrepresented yourself. You've tried to come off as a hair guy. You've lied, bald man."

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