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By Hamiltonbooster (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2010 at 08:32:48

Boby Young is saying, "What Can I take?" More like, "Give me a fighting chance to earn back SOME of what I've already lost!" As for Young making this adversarial, what could he do other than say he'd be willing to work with the city and even donate capital to a new site? He meant it; but he also expected to be treated like a valued tenant instead of pushed around and forced to be where he will surely lose more money AND asked to give capital dollars....look, Fred told a Councillor that if the Cats leave, we'll play soccer at the stadium in the West Harbour....what a great attitude. Maybe he can also try to attract an NFL franchise to the West Harbour....this man is really dreaming in technicolor if he believes Hamiltonians will sit idly by and watch the Cats be bullied...or if he believes that Young has endless good will!
It's a shame, because it need not have been this way.
Fred, can you say October 2010? But, if you are smart, you will accommodate for the sake of 'city building'!!!

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