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By jason (registered) | Posted May 08, 2010 at 14:36:18

I'm not sure that 'RTH' has an official position on this project, but I can safely say that I've long advocated for the clean up and redevelopment of our north end and waterfront brownfields.
Whether we build a stadium down here or just leave all the brownfields to rot for 100 years (which is what will happen if we pass up this chance) parking lots aren't going anywhere downtown. A parking lot should be the official symbol of Hamilton.

Anyone who thinks a QEW stadium location won't result in construction of a massive parking lot is sadly mistaken. 100% of stadium users will need to drive in that location. Get ready for acres of parking on both sides of the QEW.

Landowners to the west of Rheem have indicated a desire to build mixed use residential/commercial projects if the stadium project goes ahead. They've also stated that there is no way they'll build condos or restaurants next to acres of ugly brownfield.
A look at the city's just completed West Harbour Recreation Plan shows a concept for a wonderful pedestrian bridge linking the stadium to Bayfront Park. This entire brownfield district might be looking at it's only chance of cleanup with the PanAm project.

I'm with the mayor 100% on this one. Short term interest of a few can't trump long term benefits for everyone.

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