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By slodrive (registered) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 21:25:15

As I've obnoxiously stated on the Ticats boards, I'm in support of an urban central stadium. If that's West Harbour, great. I think it should be support, and be supported by, Public Transit and, ideally, encourage people to experience our budding downtown.

That said, the Ticats are the main tennants. If they legitimately can't make a go of it, we have to hear them out. I'm a huge fan and would be absolutely heartbroken if this team ends up in Burlington, or worse... I think it's mighty bush-league of them to raise their hands at this late stage. But, that's what has happened, and it must be dealt with.

My hope would be that a West Harbour-ish site can be found that builds the downtown community and allows the necessary revenue streams to make the Ticats profitable.

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