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By badidea (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 21:10:59

"If there's one thing Hamilton needs more of, it's massive parking lots next to highways."

uhm if there's one thing downtown needs more of its massive civic projects, produced by an inept council, paid for with public funds, with no chance of sustained success, which rots and decays over time....???.

when will people finally understand that the city will not be saved by a public project. let the failed stadium (which is what it will be) rot on the side of the highway in the suburbs where it belongs. if there is a bright future for downtown it will be ushered in by private citizens running independent businesses. the best thing that we can hope for from our pathetic and corrupt local government is that they have the foresight to know that they are terrible at civic planning and they decide to stay out of the way of natural development, and don't try and do some sweeping huge project that will fail like jackson square did.

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