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By Jarod (registered) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 18:43:22


And this is something I would rather be a part of. Arguing (in my mind I call it discussing) what should be DONE WITH the new building at the new site, rather than WHERE should it go. (not to diminish the importance of that discussion...I think it IS very important indeed)

I hate to say we've wasted time and energy on not committing to a site, and for the most part anyone who likes the West Harbor Location is pretty much preaching to the choir here. But what should stand out for most people is that regardless of our opinions of what we want to see (I'm not saying our voice shouldn't matter) we should plan to support the new building in any location. (even if it means taking a hit in the prideberries. TM)

And I'm not trying to be naive here. I'm simply saying, "Work with what you get". Either side, we shouldn't argue and hate each other. We should plan plan plan and plan some more, and no matter what, continue to love this city (hopefully by being involved and attending a game here or there....whether it happens to be here...or there-->)

It sucks that we have to argue about this stuff. On some level this is deeply affecting people and families and businesses. But at some point, some group, interest, or purpose is going to have to bite the bullet. Eventually, someone down the line is going to have to act like a mature adult and say, "oh well, let's make the best of this".) (I'm not calling anyone immature...for the record)

Besides, is anyone against a 40 storey pole with a huge billboard (and perhaps an arrow pointing downward) with the stadium name...and address? And while we're at it, make this monstrosity rotate. Boom, visibility solved. You can make your checks out to me.


Tybalt Thanks for the info. Very interesting. But how would a city get a team regardless of division? Yellowpages?

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