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By frank (registered) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 15:40:09

When soccer was mentioned as a possible tenant I became interested. We definitely have the base here for a team and quite frankly I'm surprised it hasn't been tried yet.

I'll also agree with the drum line comment...having been a member of the BTTB, I know the work the kids do to sound like they do and playing for home games is a fantastic experience. CFL half time shows aren't the greatest. We have access to a world class marching band and we can't use them properly? They perform field shows in competition in the States and regularly bring home awards!

I also happen to disagree with calling Jason a lousy Hamilton fan because he suggests the Ticats can fly their kite elsewhere... When an organization that's as unprofitable as the Cats has the gonads to try hold a City by the short and curlies over a decision they don't have the right to nix they ought to be flogged! We're not talking about the Leafs here - they don't make money even when they're losing! This is an organization who's owner admits was a poor business decision to purchase! How long do we have to wait for the team to rebuild and be profitable? 10 years? 20 years?

A new venue can host many different types of events like concerts and other sporting events. A location like the west harbour provides excellent amenities within walking distance. Building at Confederation Park is insane. The only things close by are Adventure Village and Hutch's/Barangas... Oh wait, they're going to walk along Centennial (which has no sidewalks) to Walmart (who just might let fans park there) to drive to the nearest restaurant (Wendy's or Subway) on their way home? Ideally, attending a sporting event would be an experience that involves more than simply attending the event... That can't be done down at Confed Park.

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