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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 14:04:44

In the past Hamilton defined it's self on the Steel industry, but that is what is crippling us today; it's this singular mental perspective that has stagnated growth. Though true the the steel industry did contribute much to this city. Having said that so did many other industries. Though to day we cringe at the aftermath of the steel industry and while we can blame this industry for many things we omit that this city failed to maintain or implement standards that would have prevented much of this aftermath.

Left with this bad taste in our mouths this City sticks it's thumbs up and everything that is not something that could be done in a bedroom. With regards to, "Liberty Energy" many want to close the door before it's open; without recognizing that technology has come a long way since, "SWARO" moreover in many European countries such industries operate injecting cleaner air into the atmosphere than what exists, there is also one in BC.

That being said, some who either oblivious to the aforementioned or are out of touch with reality propagate that one industry is what will define this City if this project proceeds. Which is a myth in it's self. One would hope that just because there are drugs and bricks crumbling downtown that this is not define the City, and if it does it certainly will have an impact on everyone within and those on the outside. What is interesting is the every City has some of the same issues.

What is central to Hamilton's need is jobs and a responsible council that insures the most proficient methodology to bring new buisness and providing an employment base that can sustain the long term needs of the City. Such demands diversity and flexibility and encouragement of new business with the utmost care to new technology; not closing the door to such industries that may in the long term provide sustainable jobs and tax returns for the City. If this City can be defined by a single industry it only speaks loudly of the narrow mindedness of our perceptions.

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