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By z jones (registered) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 11:27:57

it's about building a stadium where the only tenant we have is saying NO it makes NO sense to them

FIRST: Bob had 2 years to speak up but waited until less than 2 weeks before the deadline ... to ask for a 90 day moratorium while they come up with another location.

SECOND: The Ticats are only using the facility 9 DAYS out of 365. If the new stadium is going to pay for itself it will be from using it for lots of other events not from sucking up to the Cats.

THIRD: Bob Young's own examples favor a downtown location like West Harbour and away from a sprawl location like Confederation Park.

FOURTH: The city's putting up half the construction cost, why does Bob think he deserves the money from naming rights?

FIFTH: Notice how Bob didn't say anything about the survey they conducted with ticket holders? I wonder why not.

SIXTH: The successful stadiums all over the USA and Canada are built downtown, not in the suburbs.

Face it, this is Bob playing late-inning hardball (sorry for the baseball pun) because he can threaten to derail Hamilton's pan am stadium bid altogether.

He admitted he's lot a truckload of money, I believe he's trying to get a new highway stadium, sell naming rights for some quick bucks and then cash out to stem his losses.

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