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By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 11:11:58

There is a sentiment out there that the Ticats have no right to protest the stadium site because the stadium is the city's and not the Ticats. While it is true the stadium will be the city's and the Ticats are merely the (only) tenant, it is important to remember that the Pan Am track events and the stadium it will house are only coming to Hamilton because of the Ticats.

David Braley is quoted in today's Globe and Mail as saying that the stadium was flagged for Hamilton so its legacy would be as a football stadium for the Tiger Cats. Braley was a member of the Toronto 2015 Board of Directors, so he has unique insight into the workings of the bid committee and the events leading to Hamilton being awarded this stadium. There were many GTA communities vying to host a 2015 event and house the corresponding infrastructure for those events. Hamilton tipped the scale because of the Ticats. In other words, the stadium could very well have gone elsewhere if it wasn't for the Ticats and their need for a new stadium.

Braley goes on to say that the Pan Am BOD has the authority to ask the city to make changes to its proposed business plan. Presumably, this request could be made if the objectives of the Pan Am committee are not being addressed to the BOD's satisfaction (which includes the committee's legacy objectives). While Braley must officially remain neutral during this embarrasing squabble, as a fellow CFL franchise owner, Young has a powerful ally in Braley.

Ultimately, the final call on the stadium is not going to be made by the Ticats. Nor is it going to be made by the city. It is ultimately being made by the Pan Am organizing committee. And if the city and the Ticats remain in this impasse, the stadium could very well end up elsewhere.

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