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By another capitalist (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2010 at 09:54:21

As a Hamiltonian, I respect and thank Bob Young for all his done.

Having said that.....where the hell has the team been the last year or so. You didn't like the west harbour, fine. Where was your plan, did you option a site, did you come forward with what your contribution would be?....No

You literally come at the least second and say...Sorry we're not playing there.

And can someone please tell Mr. Young there is no Hamilton side of Aldershot. It's Burlington. I have nothing against Burlington but as a Hamilton Taxpayer you think I would be happy with my tax dollars going to another community?

As a diehard TiCat fan I have to say that this whole debacle is the TiCat's fault.

I suspect that very soon there is going to be one man owning 3 teams in the CFL

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