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By Windfall (registered) | Posted May 06, 2010 at 17:34:54

Older Hamiltonians will remember when Ivor Wynne Stadium was plain old Civic Stadium, a peoples place for all large community gatherings and events like a Military Tattoo, School Sports etc. Mayor Copps held a referendum to have the Taxpayers install artificial turf. When it was defeated Copps went ahead fundraising and the turf was installed against the wishes of the people but narrowly supported by the business council of the day. We started to lose our Civic pride just as we lost the Downtown market. In the early eighties when John Munro MP, Bill Powell Mayor and Harry Greenwood, Labour leader and Joyce Mongeon and some others gained money and support for the building of Copps (ironical) Coliseum the Tiger Cat's boss, Harold Ballard made noises to his friends on Council to have the funds used for upgrading the Ivor Wynne Stadium but the above mentioned stalwarts won the day over the likes of Aldermen Merling, Bethune and some others who would have given away more to Ballard. Let the Tiger Cats pay for a new venue and let the City pay to restore our Civic Stadium and our Civic pride.

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