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By location (anonymous) | Posted May 06, 2010 at 14:13:49

West Harbour makes better sense for the city and that is what counts. I might have more faith in Young's ability to pick a location if he hadn't placed the ticat office and store in such an invisible spot downtown. I am suprised it is still open as I bet most of the city could not find it even with the address.
the west Harbour is also more accessible to more residents and is not hard to find. It also uses existing land resources which is important with so much development ripping up new land in the fringes which are poorly support by transit. There is also more potential to help the city's core and north end by helping showcase the west Harbour and surrounding area.

Frankly the ticats have yet to prove they are such an asset that we need to bow to their demands for the stadium to succeed. I think if he chose to work with the city he could have a much greater impact on the impending stadium than standing back and complaining. Hamilton has carried the limp team long enough.

Besides according to their own marketing the cats themselves seem to like the core just south of the harbour. Isn't that where the "tiger" was spotted?

The only real downside I guess would be the potential loss of the occasional fan to the alligator someone set loose in the harbour :)

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