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By canbyte (registered) | Posted May 05, 2010 at 19:20:43

Thanks for a grim but needed overview of this serious problem.

I'm hoping you might comment on how our Candu design fits into all this. We are always told its a relatively safe design - does it also produce plutonium? Should Canada continue or abandon Candu?

Your overview of inactive reactors suggests an overhang in the market - could this (or the waste issue) be a factor in why the Maple reactor was abandoned?

It seems imperative to get going on final repositories. I heard a CBC (?) podcast recently on an effort to get one started in Northern Ontario. How do you see this going vis a vis NIMBY, technology, lifespan etc.? Is reprocessing better/ possible for Canada? Aren't we already reprocessing material from somewhere?

A scorched earth defensive strategy is well known and more or less rational but do you really think that defenders would poison their own land forever? Talk about depravity!

For years, i've wondered why nuclear energy was not being used on the Tar sands - direct nuclear heat seems a lot better than using up nearby reserves of clean natural gas to make a dirty oil. Could the radioactive element be left to decay in situ after the hot oil has been pulled out???

I hope that's not too many questions from this curious cat!!

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