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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 27, 2010 at 16:31:46

Once they stop wasting our money (if ever) then we need to see the plan.

IF we are going to pay tolls what are they going to pay for in reality?!?! Not some "announcement" for study or promise of future transportation connections. Show me the transportation, show how the tolls will contribute to the cost, put a shovel in the dirt and then I'll pay the toll, otherwise this is likely to be just another form of tax implemented for one purpose and used for others.

Also, for tolls to be truly effective the transportation system needs to extend beyond its current limits. Many people drive from as far away as KW, Brantford and beyond to get to their jobs in TO. If the toll is never going to provide them with transit connections it is an unfair tax and another drain on a society already struggling with pay-cheque to pay-cheque families and high family debt.

But first things first, politicians at all levels need to stop wasting our money and lose the sense of entitlement. There never seems to be a lack of money when their friends in big business need it.

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