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By canbyte (registered) | Posted April 27, 2010 at 00:23:12

I like an article that I should avoid commenting on until i've read something that illuminates the matter - thanks for those links Ryan. So many of these types of issues are complex and so benefit from such studies - but opinions often depend on "whose ox is being gored", as exemplified by several comments above.

My guess for Robert D is that deliveries are generally made by smaller trucks not subject to no-truck bans - say up to a 25? foot cube van, or under a certain weight, while the bans apply to transport trailers. Moving transports, even large ones, I've seen on residential streets for obvious reasons. Please correct me if this is incorrect or you can fill in the details.

Jarod: Since you are studying for Civil Engineering, I'm sure you will soon learn all about Edmund W. Burke, designer of the Bloor Viaduct (& RC Harris), as well as the Tacoma Bridge which fell down. The story of Burke gives answer to your worry about losing your soul. I don't want to ruin a good story but suffice it to say that many people honestly/ seriously thought he was crazy and should be committed for wanting to spend a lot of extra money for something so farfetched as a subway in a town still in the horse age. If you take his story into your heart, you will not only not lose your soul, you will find your soul - though you may lose a bid/job or three in the process! Your sensitivity will add a lot to your practice. Good luck.

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