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By Jenn Merriam (anonymous) | Posted April 23, 2010 at 07:35:24

CHEDOKE TRAIL PUBLIC MEETING -we have just found out that the City has scheduled the Chedoke trail meeting on same night as the meeting about the Reservoir Park - if you were planning on attending the res-park meeting, the good news is that it is a drop-in format from 6-9pm so it is possible to attend both:


Public Meeting Date (open to all): Thursday April 29, 2010

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Stanley Baptist Church

– we hope you can come – this affects all of us even if you don't use the golf course property and are just concerned about the process of ensuring this trail is done correctly, with minimal environmental impact, the first time!


As many of you know, the City is planning a multi-use trail through Chedoke Golf Course. The idea is fantastic and I have not heard of anyone disputing that the idea itself is wonderful. However, there are some significant issues that must be explored and discussed to ensure that the trail is done right!!

A bit of background: the City must have the approval of the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) to construct the trail, therefore the NEC has circulated the detailed plans for construction (most received April 1 or 5th) to residents residing within 120m of the proposed trail. Currently at least 6 appeals have been filed with the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) opposing the construction of the trail, as proposed. Only those within 120m of the trail could appeal, however anyone with valid reasons can request to be a party to the appeal (but not yet -they must wait to apply at the pre-hearing that has not occured yet). Again, it is important to note that these appeals (as far as i have been told) are in regard to the City’s proposed plan and not against the trail itself!

Concerns regarding the plan include:

a fence blocking access from Chedoke/Glenside to the golf course – City has since opened discussions with the golf course and proposes limiting the length of the fence and lowering its height (pleased that we have made some progress there because we were initially told the fence was a done deal!)
cyclist safety: cyclists will be on a path that backs onto a golf green (approx. 30 feet away) and therefore in the direct line of golf balls. Cedar trees are proposed and there is the concern whether this offers adequate protrection from a golf ball (currently backyards are 'protected' by a 25 foot fence and coniferous trees and golf balls still get in). Also cyclists will not be able to see the ball coming at them or see the golfers, as they can on the present path, due to the proposed cedar trees. There would be no opportunity to wait and avoid risk of being hit by a golf ball, as is the usual practice now on the existing path and upper path.
Tree removal – not sure of exact number, but have heard that around 16 trees will be removed to construct trail
Pavement in a forest – proposed route goes through forest - is the expense and violation of natural forest habitat/eco-playground appropriate if there are other possible routes?
Proximity to existing property owners – trail will be located approximately 1 metre from some property lines - is this fair? Perhaps it is, however if other options exist they should be explored.
WHY this route? The biggest question I have heard from residents is why not just use the existing trail (which most assumed this is where the trail will be located and the City's plan was to simply formalize that situation)– the answer has been that the golf course no longer wants people cutting through its course. This is understandable to a certain extent, however it happens at the top of the course and has been happening for years on existing lower trail (is there no inherent heritage value in the pattern of multi-use of the golf course space over so many years?). There are examples of golf courses that exist with multi-use trails running through golf fairway areas without the use of fences. There is some confusion about the history of the golf course lands and what it was intended for - the NEC documents refer to this space as CHEDOKE PARK! Why is that and what is the history of use and what impact does that have?. If someone knows anyone that can confirm the history of the golf course and how it was intended to be used/shared, it would be great to hear about that.

WHY the fence? We have been told that the originally proposed 6-8 foot chain link fence was required by City's risk management staff for protection and also requested by the golf course staff to stop people from cutting through... now 4 foot fence with bushes... some confusion there...

KEY ISSUES - What is appropriate use of this space? What is its history? How can we all continue to share this beautiful space? Should the golf course reconfigure? Should some of the space (perhaps just area north of existing service road through golf course) be re-designated as park space? What options were explored in the past, how extensive/detailed were they and why was this selected over other options? What is the cost/benefit analysis that has been done regarding various options-are other options more or less expensive than what is proposed? What are the risk management issues - fence, no fence, this route vs. another, cedar bushes as adequate protection...??

POSSIBLE SOLUTION – we have suggested that perhaps there are alternatives – perhaps some reconfiguring of the golf course could be done – there seem to be a range of alternatives that could be undertaken (some extensive, some minor) – we would just like to be a part of the discussion and ensure that all options are fully explored – we’d like an accounting of the rationale from a risk management perspective regarding the risk of the proposed plan vs. using the existing trail (perhaps with modifications – Golf course is willing to make accommodations for the proposed route such as relocating Tee box). We would also like to see the range of options that have been explored in the past – currently that has not been explained.

Hope to see you on the 29th. Discussion is great - we hope that everyone comes out - both in favour of trail and those who aren't - let your voice be heard!!

Jenn and Ron Merriam

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