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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 16, 2010 at 09:54:07

"I just don't notice to many places to legitimately lock up your bike..."

Many large shopping plazas were done such that developers put in parking for many hundreds of cars (obviously), but there is no bike rack, or a tiny little crappy one off in some distant corner (made from flatbar with sharp edges that scratch your bike). The result is that the bike rack is always empty, and a half dozen bikes are locked up to trees, signs, etc, much closer to the store entrance.

Recently they renovated a Barn (turned it into a Metro). There used to be a bike rack right beside the entrance - there was tons of room for it - a spacious wide walkway. They removed it; now bikes are locked up to trees and signs, and the crappy bike racks off in distant corners of the plaza sit empty. So now I bring mine right inside the store with me. The thousand car parking spots are NEVER completely full, not even at the busiest time.

Another time I rode to the Mandarin at Upper James too meet mom for lunch. Neither myself nor the restaurant staff could locate a bike rack ANYWHERE in the entire gigantic plaza parking lot, not behind the store, nowhere. I had to ask a manager for permission to lean the bike near the entrance. Bless her, she let me.

Unfortunate ... shows nobody really cares yet about anything except cars. In other healthier cities I have seen the empty space in front of the store lined with a bike rack which is heavily used ...

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