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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted April 15, 2010 at 21:30:18

I have trouble understanding the degree of antipathy some people feel toward cyclists - it so often seems all out of proportion to the actual impact any cyclist could have on a motorist's life. It must signify something deeper, but I've never figured out what.

That said - the disregard that most cyclists have for the rules of the road is only fodder for those who have disdain for cycling and cyclists.

As a daily cyclist and occasional motorist, I'm very well aware of the behaviour of most of my fellow riders: running red lights and stop signs, turning without signalling, riding at night without lights, riding on the sidewalk, yielding to neither car nor pedestrian. Granted, it may be worse in the West end, what with all of the university students.

I'm certainly not saying that we don't deserve bike lanes until we start riding like grown ups. But that's not an incomprehensible position and we should have a sensible response ready.

What is that sensible response? Well, I'll come back to that later - I've got to figure it out :)

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