Comment 39794

By Where? (anonymous) | Posted April 14, 2010 at 13:36:09

So why not select a site that is close to local and regional public transit, as well as roads and parking? Why favour a site that is ill served by any of these? People have to get there somehow.

Again, King, Main, the 403. Fast, efficient bus service on King and Main. Rapid GO transit on 403. Rapid GO transit on the CP rail line that passes between Dundurn and the 403. Lots of potential parking a short walk away on Frid St. and Kay Drage Park. And yes, the 403 and King and Main to feed them. Lots of places along King, Main, Dundurn for commercial development to benefit from the stadium draw, such as it is.

Okay, the stadium should serve the interests of the city as well as the sports club tenant. But if the commercial potential is minimized, how does that improve the other opportunities? Do people still not need to get to the stadium to make use of it?

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