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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 13, 2010 at 14:48:20

That has meant becoming a landlord, - moylek

And are you converting your properties back to single residence or keeping them as student rentals?

Kiely, when McMaster was established in the 1930's (over a decade after Westdale was established as a residential neighbourhood), it was a sleepy Baptist Seminary with theological students living in basement apartments in the community, and yes, many of our elderly residents do date from this period. Who could have anticipated that Mac would grow to a university of 20,000 undergrads that has made a conscious decision to house a much smaller percentage of its students on campus than other universities of similar size? - highwater

Who'd have thought a university would grow in 80 years and would build housing on properties that were not initially within the confines of its campus??? Come on, really? Every university in every city I've lived in (I grew up in a city with two universities) has done that.

Anyway, I'm not being constructive in this thread, possibly because all I'm hearing is whinging not discussion... I'll just say this, perhaps the mindset and emotions in play here aren't helping to solve the problem???

Sorry if I upset anyone, I'll just leave you guys to it.

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