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By d.knox (registered) | Posted April 12, 2010 at 20:27:40

Why is it alright, great even, to want to make Hamilton a better place, but it's not alright to want to make Westdale a better place?

I know that everywhere has its problems, but wasn't part of the problem with downtown Hamilton caused by exactly what is being suggested here - decent people who expect a decent standard of behaviour fleeing to safer, nicer places. That has worked well for the neighbourhoods around Queens too. Sure we could all move out of Westdale when we get tired of picking up broken glass and stepping over garbage on the sidewalks. To Meadowlands? Is that really what we want to happen?

As it is, staying in Westdale, like living in many parts of Hamilton, requires a little bit of forebearance. But it also needs a little bit of hope and activism. Take hope away, and it will be more than just the people of Westdale moving.

This particular conversation started with one bad business owner. There are other businesses that have received liquor permits - Koosh and MDJ's are two off the top of my head. People aren't against good citizen businesses, people are against bad neighbour businesses. Jimmy Gringo's made some enemies from the very beginning by treating its neighbours with disrespect. These situations never get any better once alcohol is involved.

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