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By Regular user (anonymous) | Posted April 10, 2010 at 06:21:39

"Regular user what you're calling whining and complaining is actually how ideas get generated and vision gets built."
Really! I am just saying considering the MAJOR issue in the city for example in this area of Question maybe concentrate on proper water drainage in preparation of the next big rain. As many of the residents can not get house insurance nor will the city help out to an adequate level.
I really don't see the value for the number of people who may walk this area. I live here and with the amount of sidewalks, paths and trails don't see huge crowds walking down lawrence and where exactely will they be going???????
Sure it would be nice but there are priorities and this is not near the top of the list especially with a 2% tax hike this yr.
ideas are great but it is usually with someone elses money (tax money)for personal reasons. There are things I would like to see but would many benefit. I do like Gage park getting up graded, "there" a destination now for the sidewalks.

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