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By frank (registered) | Posted April 09, 2010 at 09:00:27

Exactly how high do you have to build a fence to stop people from getting hit with a golf ball? Last time I checked they frequently exceed the 8' fence height. And why does the trail have to be 4.5m wide? I was the construction inspector on about 10kms of the Welland Canal multiuse trail (cyclists, rollerbladers, walkers and emergency vehicles fit quite handily) and that's 3.0m wide...

If you want to CYA, put up a sign that says, "Watch out for flying golf balls you're crossing a golf course, idiot". As far as the dude who got hit in the face with a softball on Dafasco's diamonds...why is that even a court case? Provided there were the appropriate fences on the field, Dofasco's fulfilled its duty of care and IMO a court case like that shouldn't even get past a visit to a lawyer's office.

Jeff are you being serious??

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