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By Glass Half Full (anonymous) | Posted April 08, 2010 at 21:44:25

Jason: "my idea of angled parking fronting King St would basically mean that only have the spots in the 'inner circles' would be lost - the half that directly faces the storefronts. The other half that faces King right now would remain, except would be accessed from King instead of from inside the circle.
Keep in mind, Hortons, Shoppers and Weils have a huge parking lot, and the Saigon place has a parking lot, and I think the cupcake place and the kitchen store have parking lots too."

That's my math as well. That circle contains about 25 parking spots per side, 10 of which face the storefronts. Factor out the storefront parking and the circle drops to 30 parking spots. Between South Oval and Sterling there are an additional 22 metred on-street parking spaces. Aside from that (and the 80 or so spots on-street on the Ovals), I think it's largely customer-only parking. So for four restaurants, a couple of cafes, a pub and a movie theatre, your car-bound clientele have at most 52 no-fuss parking spots (about as many as you'll find in the corner lot at James and Vine, across from Jade Garden).

before they're cruising the side streets. That's the kind of stuff that gives BIAs pause.

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