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By hshields (registered) - website | Posted April 08, 2010 at 12:34:47

Hi Ted,

A great article! I'm a resident on Stanley Ave. and wasn't aware that this fence issue was up for discussion (yet again). I use the trail regularily to walk the dog, and myself. A few observations from a frequent user:

a) I've never noticed tension between golfers and path users. The vast, vast majority of path users are completely aware they are entering a section of the path where they need to be aware that golf balls are flying. Golfers conversley know that there are path users that walk by and try to take shots as safely as possible. I think the cooperation between the two groups has worked for years.

b) I haven't seen renegade golfers on the course in my years of walking around the area (students or otherwise). I do see in the late fall or early spring lots of people walking their dogs and taking advantage of the vast expanse of green space for non-golf reasons. I think this line of argument is a red herring. All golf courses face this risk and that is why most courses (public and private) employ course marshalls that do have the power to ask for your green card and can kick you off the property on the spot. If the City is so concerned, employ some summer students for this purpose like any other course.

c) Your land cost and optimal usage argument is by far the most persuasive argument I've seen to be the foundation for how the City should develop the most efficient use of this large piece of real estate. I think it is clear that given the value of the land and the amount of subsidy given to golfers, a multi-use approach to the land base is needed. I think this flows well into your approach to getting rid of fences to encourage this kind of welcoming environment.

Speaking to the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association, it looks like a more formal meeting will take place soon to accommodate the growing number of concerned neighbours. Well done on raising this issue.

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