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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted April 08, 2010 at 11:02:45

About 30 people showed up at last night's meeting, also Councilor McHattie and cycling coordinator Daryl Bender. (nice tie btw)

At present there is no fixed construction timetable. Daryl quoted $700K for the whole trail Glenside to Rifle Range, which seems cheap!

Essentially no discussion about the west end of the trail (Studholme to Stroud), nearly all the people who showed up were from the Aberdeen/Chedoke end. Which makes sense, since the Studholme/Beddoe townhouses are already pretty isolated from both the golf course and the path. And perhaps there is a better reason for the fence in that area because of the railyard, however safety concerns about being fenced in on both sides in an isolated area did arise. If I was a woman, this would make me think twice about entering such a trail.

No timeline for the next meeting, but the NEC appeal is somewhat peripheral, NEC just wants to know everything is ok from the escarpment's point of view. But the wildlife concern is significant and might make them act.

The city still has time to change the plan. Daryl and Brian seemed a little miffed that neighbour's concerns are just coming up now, as these plans were presented in Dec 2008 at a clubhouse hosted meeting that few seem to have heard of and even fewer attended.

Apparently this was publicized with flyers in select neighbour's mailboxes, and no trace can be found online on the City or McHattie's website. The golf course doesn't even have a website, save for a one page description via and a pdf of 2010 green fees. (can we nominate the city of Hamilton's website as the most useless anywhere?)

Subsequent announcements did not mention the fence.

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