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By Glass Half Full (anonymous) | Posted April 07, 2010 at 18:19:11

jason: "westdale could be amazing. other cities would kill to have an old streetcar neighbourhood with it's wide blvd and ample space for people. But in Hamilton we waste all of that space as parking lots."

Thumbing through Bill Freeman’s Hamilton: A People's History, turn to page 132 and you'll find a vintage 1930s photo of Westdale looking east past the theatre and the general store (now Bean Bar) toward Abbott Hardware (now Second Cup). There's parking along most sidewalks -- less of it compared to now, but then there were fewer car owners back then.

While you've got that book out, hit page 62 and get a load of Deadwood-era Gore Park. Ah, the good old dirt lot days.... the pedestrian was king!

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